Geurie a township 25km East of Dubbo is reliant on the Macquarie River for its town water supply. The Current drought has put its water supply at risk as the Macquarie River is predicted by Water NSW to dry up by Winter 2020.

The town is two old shallow bores drilled in 1981 which required replacing.

Dubbo Regional Council engaged Water Resources Drilling to replace one of the bores.

Using a proven method of drilling large alluvial Gravels in the Upper Macquarie a Cable tool Drilling rig was mobilised two weeks prior to Christmas.  In amongst Total fire bans and extreme weather the bore was casing and gravel packed by Christmas Eve to a depth of 33 metres.

In the New Year the bore development was completed and pump tested for 48 hours. With a predicted final rate of 10 litres per second.  Twice the amount required for the township of Geurie.


Drilling Geurie Town Water Supply Bore
Installing Screen into Geurie Town Water bore
Installing 6 inch Submersible Pump for Pumptest
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